Instagram Model Pandora Kaaki - 'Mindset & energy attracts me more than appearance

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Pandora Kaaki

Popular internet sensation Pandora Kaaki who is best known for her attractive personality explains why a certain mindset and positive energy is more attractive than physical appearance. "While physical appearance plays a major role, your thoughts and how you carry yourself are the dominant power behind attractiveness", says Pandora.

Mar-Anne Almosa who goes by the Pandora Kaaki on social media is at present one of the trending Internet personalities with more than two million followers on Instagram. From being inspired by an old online game character to making that name her mascot, Pandora Kaaki has done it all. The diva never fails to impress her Fanbase. Be it her bold look or her bold Ideas about life, Pandora has been a real game-changer.

Pandora is just not about confidence and a great body but also about her dedication and patience. As mentioned by Pandora "If you take a passive view on luck, success may happen to fall-your way. If you take a positive view on luck, you can increase your ability to deal with negative situations, as well as take advantage of opportunities as they occur."

The young beauty treats her fans with a variety of content right from content blogging to travel blogging to giving major style and fitness goals, her posts are something that goes viral on the internet for days.

From an early age, Pandora has overcome numerous difficulties by keeping faith in herself. She has always strived to work hard towards achieving her dreams and making her family financially secure. Today, the model is enjoying fame and at the same time trying to hit the ground running each passing day to reach new heights in her career.