Instagram Influencer Killed in Road Accident Hours After Saying 'Life is Short, Let's Be Crazy'

An Instagram influencer hailing from Brazil was killed in a road accident hours after posting ''Life is short, let's be crazy - Me, you, God and the road!''

The beauty influencer named Julia Hennessy Cayuela went on a motorcycle trip with her husband Daniel Cayuela and met with a road accident while riding down the BR-277 road in Sao Jose dos Pinhais in the southern part of Brazil.

Julia Hennessy Cayuela dies in road crasha
Instagram grab / Julia Hennessy Cayuela

While Daniel suffered serious head injuries, Julia was dead on the spot. Authorities rushed Daniel to the nearest hospital and it is reported that he is placed in the intensive care unit and is undergoing treatment at the Universitário Cajuru Hospital.

The Federal Highway police said they suspect the truck was crossing the road and the couple crashed into a side of it, taking the 22-year-old influencer's life.

The couple had been married for four years and shared their similar passion for motorcycles and had been regularly posting pictures and videos travelling around the country.

In her final Instagram post to her 329,000 followers, Julia is seen wearing a zebra print bikini seated on a swing by the beach and flaunted her tattoos as she captioned it, ''Life is short, let's be crazy - Me, you, God and the road! Your dreams are mine too @danielcayuela.''

In another picture, Julia and Daniel are seen standing near their motorcycle doing the 'heart symbol' in what looks like an empty mud road in the middle of a village. The two had visited the Capao Bonito, which is a small tourist town in Brazil for a trip.

Local media reports that Daniel is yet to be informed about his wife's death and wrote that his family has ''authorized the hospital to inform him only that he is hospitalized for the necessary treatment'' and reported that Julia was buried in the city of Belo Horizonte in Minas Gerais state, where the couple hailed from.

Julia had been a beauty influencer for close to seven years and was trained in biomedical esthetician and became a non-medical practitioner who conducted non-invasive skin treatments, including chemical peels and laser hair removal.