Instagram celebrity's new makeover gets her labeled an alien

Cammy Chong
Cammy Chong before and after Youtube video grab

Cammy Chong, a 22-year-old Chinese lady was once the dream girl of thousands of youngsters in the country. Her mesmerizing dance moves and elegant live interactions fetched her hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, and soon she started enjoying the celebrity status just like a top-rated filmstar.

Earlier this year, she suddenly disappeared from Instagram and still remains an internet mystery. However, she made a grand re-entry on Instagram a few days ago, and this time, it was a whole new Cammy who appeared on the screen. She is now in her new Barbie look with larger eyes, a much whiter skin, and a more pointed chin and nose.

Most of her fans believe that she had undergone cosmetic surgeries and other facial treatments to look like this, while some others argue that it is nothing but a makeup trick. Whatever be the case, Cammy Chong's new look has not gone well with her followers on Instagram, and most of them label her as an alien.

Some of her ardent fans have accused her of going too far, calling her a snake lady too. "You were beautiful and sweet in the past, now you look so strange. I think you were better before," commented one Instagram user.

Another user commented that she is ugly and scarier now, and her looks completely resemble an alien from outer space. "It's a fake face and eyes. Now you look ugly and scary. You are like an alien," commented another.

Now, Cammie has deleted her old Instagram account, and has started a new account with the name 'Barbie Cammy'. She considers herself the Chinese Barbie and is reportedly happy with her new looks.

Despite the backlash from her fans, Cammie says she is perfectly happy with her looks. The young lady made it clear that even though her looks have changed, her heart remains the same.

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