Inspiring journey of Hala Owais from being a makeup artist to being an entrepreneur

Hala Owais

Don't you dream of starting a business? The arduous efforts required to realize our dreams, on the other hand, keep us from moving forward. Hala Owais knows a few things about turning over a new leaf. Widely known for her trendsetting makeup looks and hacks, this beauty enthusiast again caught the public's eye as she started with a lash brand line called "Hala The Shop."

Thanks to her mastery of makeup and knowledge of skincare regimes, Hala Owais has been luring spotlights for the past few years. We have already seen her journey from laying the first stone in the influencing world to making it as big as reaching the billboard on Sheikh Zayed Road.

But what made Hala Owais reach the door of entrepreneurship?

After being a makeup artist for two years, she shifted to being a beauty educator. Hala Owais redefined beauty through her knowledge. "Beauty Educator" was her USP in the UAE glamour industry and, hence, brought her a plethora of fame. Under the aegis of this "by now" earned fame, Hala Owais decided to start a beauty brand and redirect her followers there.

And if you are wondering why she launched a lash brand, we ought to tell you that Hala Owais believes in simplicity and aesthetics always remaining timeless. Furthermore, she knew that lashes were needed for every makeup look. Even while creating this brand, she preferred everything to be timeless, including the campaign down to the packaging.

Hala Owais has commendable business skills as well. Her brand won big at the "Cosmo Beauty and Influencer Awards" for "Best Influencer Beauty Brand." Hala The Shop is flourishing in the local UAE markets and she is expected to accentuate the growth this year through rigorous promotion. This journey of Hala Owais is an inspiration for all and sundry who are steering their dreams from zero.