INSOFE: A decade- old academic master in the field of Big Data


With the growing importance of big data and its far-reaching implications, the requisite for well-rounded data science educators is pertinent, showcasing concreteness and immediacy.

Perpetual occupational progression in the realm of data science has created an imminent need for educators that can impart and hone the skills of future data analysts with unparalleled academic mastery.

While the comprehension of data gathering can be useful, a course is far more valuable when coupled with mindful, active experimentation and the sharing of insights.

INSOFE understands this entirely along with growing industry needs and focuses on not just data acquisition and algorithm development but intellectual curiosity and business acumen as well.

Over the last decade, INSOFE has transformed into one of the leading data science institutions, offering wide-ranging courses and programs-19 different bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees and graduate certification programs to students from varied disciplines.

Within five years of inception, INSOFE's data science certification was listed among the top transformational programs in the country. Today, INSOFE has over 75 faculty members proficient in computer science, statistics, engineering, and business fields.

Most edu- tech institutes offering data science courses focus on AI, ML, and Big Data knowledge dealing solely with engineers and programmers. INSOFE, on the other hand, focuses on personalised teaching that enhances a student's knowledge of the topics and provides numerous opportunities in the form of internships and projects to implement course specifics in real world applications.

As of date, INSOFE's 19 data science specialization programs are spread across three individual departments: computer science, engineering and sciences, and business. These programs were created to meet the needs of students at different education levels.

Students with a high school certification can pursue a bachelor's degree, while new graduates can opt from the numerous master's degrees. On the other hand, working professionals can choose an executive or an online program, and students who wish to pursue research can attend a doctoral degree.

INSOFE's partnerships with universities in India, Canada, France, the USA, and the UK enable students the opportunity to pursue a data science career in different geographical regions and be eligible to receive the relevant work permit upon successfully graduating from the program at the partner university.

Students at INSOFE complete a part of their education in India and receive lateral entry to attend the remainder of the degree at the partner university.

INSOFE focuses on innovation through its industry apprenticeship, product development, and research projects. The institute aims to selectively choose students that exhibit promise and transform them into world-class data scientists with practical experience who shape the industry they work in.

At INSOFE, the curriculum contains big data and database skills essential to handle data science projects at an enterprise scale and provides students with the knowledge to solve real-world business problems.

INSOFE's curriculum ensures the material is effectively assimilated into the students' skill-set, focusing on each one's ability to create experts in the data science sector.