An Innovative Way to Monetize YouTube: Caleb Boxx's YouTube Automation

: Caleb Boxx

When someone thinks about YouTube as a platform, they immediately consider the hundreds of thousands of channels it plays host to. However, many of these channels have a hard time breaking even when it comes to making money. Investopedia mentions how difficult it is to get started monetizing a YouTube channel. Despite this, several entrepreneurs have already found extraordinary measures of success on the platform with various channels. What makes for a successful YouTube Channel? Ideally, it's one that pays its owner in passive income. Caleb Boxx, a young entrepreneur from Missouri, has found the secret to success with YouTube and would like others to follow in his footsteps.
An Entrepreneurial Mindset
Young Caleb was involved in business from a young age. At 11, he had already started his first digital enterprise, setting up and selling digital assets to kids on a Mine craft server. From there, he expanded into doing business websites, but the money they brought in was limited in scope. When he discovered YouTube and learned how much money some of the more famous entertainers made, he immediately decided that this was what he wanted to do. Leveraging the experience of several high-profile YouTube masters, he developed his own strategy and created a methodology that would help anyone run a profitable, successful YouTube business. His roadmap is documented in the YouTube Automation system, which he developed.
Knowing How to Deal With Business
Fundera mentions that 20% of new businesses fail within their first year of operation. Even Caleb's company has had some hard times, especially near the beginning. He would be up as early as six in the morning and working into the night learning and perfecting his technique. However, after a few years, he was rewarded with several YouTube channels, amassing over 3 million combined subscribers and 400 million views of his videos. A business based on YouTube needs a strong team behind it, and Caleb's YouTube Automation system teaches people how to throw together a competent, skilled team that's hungry for success.
Loyalty and Discipline Breed Results
Caleb thinks that anyone can be a YouTube entrepreneur once they have discipline, a good work ethic, and a stable team to support them. This team includes the freelancers who one will hire to create videos for each of their channels. The most impressive thing about the YouTube Automation system is that it allows for scaling success. Entrepreneurs can hire freelancers to work on each separate channel and then leave the content producer to do final edits and posting. The most work that the business owner will have to do is ensure that the posts come out regularly on a schedule. With a loyal and disciplined team behind them, one's business is bound to grow and scale.
An End Goal in Sight
Caleb doesn't intend to be doing this for the rest of his life, but he knows the value of passive income. Eventually, his goal is to open up to 100 channels, have content going for each of them, and then use the proceeds to invest in property. Real estate is the largest passive income source for business owners in the country, and Caleb intends for this to be his exit strategy. However, this final step is likely to be years in the future. He advises newcomers to the business to focus on a few things they do well and use those to build their businesses.