Innovative Strategies in Sustainable Investing through SPACs: Edward Chang and Origin Equity Partners Show it's profitable to be sustainable

Edward Chang

Edward Chang, founder and managing director of Origin Equity Partners, is changing the way sustainable investing is perceived by focusing on private investments and M&A to support sustainability-focused companies. With a track record of creating value from sustainability, Chang is helping investors to achieve alpha while contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Chang's expertise in M&A, investment banking, strategy consulting, and private equity gives him a unique perspective on sustainable investing. His knowledge of the US capital markets, combined with his strong network of co-investing partners and renowned expertise in sustainability strategy, gives Origin Equity Partners an advantage in attracting and supporting the success of pioneering sustainability-focused companies. Origin will deply an additional $250 million in 2023 to invest into companies with enterprise values between $150 million to $700 million.

Origin Equity Partners and Chang use innovative strategies, such as sponsoring SPACs, or special purpose acquisition companies to provide sustainable companies with a quicker path to accessing public capital markets compared to traditional IPOs, an often challenging and time-consuming process for private companies.

SPACs have gained popularity in recent years on Nasdaq and NYSE as an innovative way for companies to go public. They offer numerous advantages for companies looking to IPO, such as a more efficient path to going public, greater flexibility in structuring a deal, and a chance to partner with experienced SPAC sponsors like Edward who can provide strategic guidance when navigating traditional obstacles associated with an IPO and access to a network of potential investors. This makes it easier and less expensive to go public and gives the companies a better chance for long-term success.

Another advantage of using SPACs to bring sustainable companies to IPO is the potential to attract more environmentally conscious investors. SPACs offer investors an investment option with more liquidity. As Chang said, "this strategy can lead to a dramatic increase in private capital invested in sustainable companies, leading to a new era of sustainable investing".

Chang and his team at Origin Equity Partners is diverse, with a well-rounded base of expertise, and a long track record of successful IPOs, SPACs, and M&A transactions, which enables them to identify suitable investments and to come up with unique structures and growth investment strategies to ensure their portfolio companies maximize their value in their public debut and in the future.

Further, Chang's network of consulting clients from his Wall Street Consulting firm The Spectrum Solutions Group (TSSG) including the Indonesian Ministry of Industry, Bappenas, and large PE funds, can enable tremendous growth for his investments.

Chang's experience and network extends beyond the business world. He served as an expert on sustainable investments in the G20 summit and is a current member of the ASEAN summit expert committee, leading the development of ASEAN blue finance strategy and advising on potential pilot companies for blue financing. This thought leadership and expertise in the capital markets make Chang and Origin a valuable resource for investors and sustainable companies alike and could enable another fundamental acceleration in the field of sustainable investing.

Origin Equity Partners also brings global visibility and assurance to sustainable investing, providing investors with the opportunity to invest sustainably without sacrificing returns or liquidity. The firm's platform allows sustainability-focused companies to not only be invested in but also be brought to the global stage to accelerate its growth.

Overall, the use of SPACs to bring sustainable companies to IPO is an innovative and advantageous strategy for both investors and companies. By leveraging the power of SPACs, sustainable companies can gain access to public capital markets more quickly and efficiently and become more appealing to investors. For investors, SPACs offers a unique opportunity to invest in sustainable ventures while achieving significant financial returns.

Edward Chang and Origin Equity Partners are leading the charge in this innovative space, demonstrating that sustainable investing can be a profitable venture when one dares to challenge tradition notions. By leveraging Chang's experience on Wall Street and the team's diverse areas of expertise, Origin is well positioned to identify and support pioneering sustainability-focused companies that can create long-term value and profitability. By continuing to explore new and innovative ways to drive sustainability through investments, Origin is helping to build a better and more sustainable future for all, making them a significant asset for investors and companies seeking to make a positive impact on the world.