Innovation as a Science: An Expert's Journey from 0 to 1 with Mirav Vyas

Mirav Vyas

The speed of technology innovation is skyrocketing, driven by advancements in computer hardware and software, the growing interconnectedness of the global economy, and the widespread adoption of the internet and mobile devices. This rapid pace of development has made it challenging for organizations to keep up with the latest technologies.

For business leaders, adapting to these rapidly changing dynamics can seem like an insurmountable task. However, Mirav Vyas has spent the past 9+ years specializing in helping companies stay ahead of the curve. With his expertise, he equips organizations to effectively respond to changing market dynamics and compete in today's fast-paced tech landscape. We spoke with Mirav to hear about his journey to becoming a leading expert in the field of corporate innovation.

The entrepreneur gene

Being a first-generation immigrant growing up in London, Mirav saw first-hand how entrepreneurialism mixed with resilience and relentless execution helped his family go from humble beginnings to establishing and growing successful businesses in consumer electronics and manufacturing. "In some ways, it was inevitable that I ended up gravitating towards entrepreneurship and innovation." "There's a real sense of magic when you see something created from nothing," says Mirav.

Early career: developing a novel, market-leading Corporate Innovation Framework at Deloitte UK

Mirav worked as a digital strategy and innovation expert for over 5 years at Deloitte UK. During this time, he was a core member of the founding team developing Deloitte Venture Path, a proprietary innovation methodology designed to help large corporations innovate like start-ups. "Once the initial framework was established, the early team spent countless hours around a whiteboard shaping, debating, and refining the methodology before taking it to market with customers." Since its inception, Venture Path has grown into a thriving new business offering for Deloitte. The methodology has been taught by Mirav and his peers to corporate intrapreneurs and innovation teams worldwide across a wide range of industries, including shipping, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture. Venture teams applying the methodology have gone on to launch new products and services more efficiently while generating significant commercial upside for their companies.

Given Mirav's critical contributions and grasp of the framework, he has regularly been invited as a keynote speaker to share insights on best practices and applications. This has included talks at corporate innovation forums, for example, the Project Management Institute in Luxembourg, and start-up audiences, including leading European communities such as Foundervine. "Initially, the framework was developed for corporate innovators; however, start-up founders in the early stages find that the structure helps their endeavors," remarks Mirav.

Such is Mirav's desire to build that in his final year at Deloitte, he successfully raised investment from an internal venture competition as the only solo applicant to pitch. During this time, Mirav led the venture validation process for a B2B digital assessment tool.

With unique expertise in Digital Strategy, Corporate Innovation, and building start-ups—advising business leaders in South Africa, the UK, and the US Mirav developed a rare perspective on what it takes to launch successful ventures from within corporations.

Taking expertise into the start-up world

After Deloitte, Mirav ventured into the start-up world and was selected by Antler, a renowned global start-up generator and VC, as one of 70 business and technology experts from 3500+ applicants to participate in their London 2020 accelerator. "It was an incredible experience meeting experts from the business and technology worlds. "I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my knowledge and supporting the group, in particular delivering sessions on unit economics and breaking down uncertainties into core hypotheses." Following this, Mirav went on to lead an international start-up team to launch a career mentoring consumer app, Rize, on the iOS and Android stores. Beyond the impact of supporting young people in their careers, notable achievements for Rize included being featured by TechRound, a leading UK tech publication, as one of the "Top 100 start-ups to watch in 2020."

Increasing impact through expert advice

Today, Mirav continues to apply his expertise in strategy, product, and innovation through his practice, where he advises global executive teams on their digital initiatives. He is a member of multiple start-up communities, including Antler and Umbrex, a highly selective, invite-only independent management consultant community.

Mirav remains passionate about empowering the next generation of diverse entrepreneurs, most recently being invited to deliver a talk on startup execution to associates at upReach, a leading social mobility charity supporting undergraduates from less-advantaged backgrounds to secure jobs in tech.

Whether sharing expertise with students or executives at multi-national enterprises, Mirav remains passionate that if innovation is treated as a science using the specialist frameworks and methodologies he advocates, then the odds of a brighter, more sustainable future will increase.