Ingrid Escamilla's murder sparks outrage in Mexico over 'Femicide'

Ingrid Escamilla was killed by partner, her body decapitated, pictures of which were leaked by forensic workers and featured on the front page of several newspapers

The 25-year-old Ingrid Escamilla was gruesomely murdered, her body dismembered by the man he lived with. Later, pictures of her butchered corpse were leaked online by forensic workers. The case has caused public fury over the rise in 'femicide'.

As against the pictures of her decapitated body, Mexicans have flooded social media with pictures of nature, so that whenever one searches 'Ingrid Escamilla', beautiful pictures of flowers, animals and landscapes show up.

Gruesome murder of Ingrid Escamilla

Ingrid Escamilla

Escamilla was murdered by the man she lived with, her body later decapitated, so as to dispose of the evidence. The incident came a day after the Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said that the issue of femicides "had been manipulated" by media critical of his administration, BBC reported.

Photographs of her skinned body, with certain organs missing, were leaked online by forensic workers and made their way to the front pages of several Mexican newspapers. According to local media reports, the police was alerted by the suspect's ex-wife, before whom he confessed his crime.

Photos and videos later appeared online of a 46-year-old bloodied man confessing to murdering the woman, over a heated argument and later skinning her in order to destroy pieces of evidence. Mexico City mayor Claudia Sheinbaum has informed that the suspect has been arrested. Prosecutors will demand the maximum sentence against the alleged perpetrator, she further added.

Mexicans pay beautiful tribute, express outrage over the horrific murder

The fact that her pictures featured at the front page of several newspapers generated outrage over insensitivity and apathy towards gender-based incidents. To counter that, Mexicans flooded the internet with beautiful pictures of Mother Nature. One can only find pictures and videos of nature when one searches for 'Ingrid Escamilla'.

Rising rate of femicide

Femicides refer to the gender-based killing of women and girls. Currently, more than 700 such cases are being investigated in Mexico. According to official figures, 3,142 women were killed in Mexico in the first 10 months of 2019. Of these 726 are being investigated as cases of femicide.