'Ingobernable' Season 3 coming on Dec.1, 2019

'Ingobernable' mexican political thriller is a story of a lady who turns weak to strong

'Ingobernable' Season 3 the Mexican political thriller on Netflix from December 1 Netflix

One more good news for thriller lovers. 'Ingobernable' the Mexican political thriller will be returning for its third season in December. It is one the most awaited one for which viewers were eager & asking since the time they saw season 2. It had been reported earlier in July that due to political circumstances there will no third season coming. In fact, other outlets also restate that there would be no season 3. But interestingly, The fans desire has won and now on December 1, 2019 'Ingobernable' Season 3 will make its presence on Netflix.


'Ingobernable' is the story of a lady who is lacking in her faith towards her husband. It is a political thriller starring Kate del Castillo. Season 1 'Ingobernable' had 15 episodes, whereas, season 2 consisted of 12 episodes released in September 2018. The last season ended with Emilia Squaring off against Kelly and Ana heading into battle. The acting president cleared the former president of all charges.

Have a look at the Official Trailer.

While Kate del Castillo was filming for the first season, all her scenes in Mexico were filmed by her stunt double. Season 2 brings much pain and suffering to her. She goes through many physical pains which in the end made her strong. Kate del Castillo also stars in a Spanish telenovela series named La Reina del Sur which saw its second season released earlier this year on Telemundo. Season 2 for this Spanish telenovela series is set to meet its viewers on November 29th, 2019.

At last, it remains to be seen whether this season stands out on viewers' expectations. Or will it again be trapped in the political drama?. We just hope it may fully entertain viewers and viewers may love the season just as they did during the Season 2.

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