Infosys develops a special mobile learning app for engineering students

InfyTQ for Android app on Google Play store.Google Play Store (screen-grab)
InfyTQ for Android app on Google Play store. Google Play Store screen-grab

India's software major Infosys unveiled a novel mobile application InfyTQ in India that is expected to help engineering students learn about the latest technology so that they can be job-ready when they pass out of colleges.

Infosys is known to offer highly advanced training to the newly recruited freshers in its Mysore and other campuses across India to make them job-ready and now the newly created InfyTQ will give a head start to students studying engineering. This will not only help them get into Infosys (provided they clear interviews), but also other companies with education tools and materials offered on the InfyTQ.

InfyTQ will be available on both mobile and desktop and is said to come equipped with a plethora of content, courses, and news to establish talent readiness at an industry level through online assessments and certification. It offers always-on, anytime, anywhere learning materials, digital skills and expertise from the Infosys innovation ecosystem.

The InfyTQ will be updated at all times so that students meet the latest requirements to stay on top of things in the ever-changing dynamics of the industry. "The platform will evolve and offer advanced learning materials and enable virtual programming environments for certain sets of students to further hone their technical skills," Infosys said in a statement.

The learning courses are based on conceptual and practical aspects of technology to ensure students have a thorough understanding of the fundamental building blocks. This includes extensive hands-on learning to aid the intelligent application of concepts in the real world.

Furthermore, the platform also offers courses on professional skills to help students navigate the art of effective contextual response, inter-personal relationships, communication and email, etiquette among others.

The company also believes the InfyTQ app will definitely assist students to stay connected with the organization, keep up with the latest happenings, and familiarize themselves with Infosys' culture and value system.

As of now, InfyTQ app is available in Android mobile version on Google Play store and also a web version for PCs. There is no word when Infosys plans to bring the iOS version on the Apple App Store.