Influencing The World By Travelling The World And Growing His Instagram Page,"Resort" Is Rasmus Peter Kristensen

Rasmus Peter Kristensen

If we look around today, we are not just surrounded by people, but most importantly, by influencers. These influencers are the ones that cater to all their followers and audiences through various social media handles and urge people to get interested in the things they are promoting through their expert influential skills. What's terrific is that audiences and followers even listen and get influenced by such people who show their passion towards their work and their knowledge in that particular industry. Amongst the many industries that several influencers are exploring, how could the travelling industry be behind? In fact, it is said that travel is a sector that has a major impact on people through travel influencers and their travelling handles on social media platforms that show some exotic and mind-blowing places on earth getting people pumped up to travel to the same. One such incredible travel handle on Instagram is "Resort". The face behind this phenomenal travel influencing handle is a man named Rasmus Peter Kristensen, who created it with the aim to make people believe in the magic of travelling and changing their lives forever through the same.

The resort can be seen as a major influence on people where they would like to 'resort' to travelling for giving soul to their bodies and restart their lives with the same enthusiasm that they somewhere deep down miss in life. The social media platforms are a great place to disrupt when it comes to displaying certain things that the world must know more about and emphasizing on this notion is Rasmus who is an avid traveller, a true blue explorer of different parts of the world and a travel influencer, living on one edge to the other and influencing people to start their expeditions in life to know more about the various beautiful places of the world. He puts focus on how spectacular an experience could be for travellers by going to some unknown travel destinations and getting the chance to know the world closely.

Rasmus always has considered himself a world citizen and since his childhood has had an affinity towards travelling. He has most of the time travelling across with her wife and stayed at 5-star hotels and resorts and through his Instagram page Resort wants to share all of his travel experiences with others so that people get highly influenced by the same.

Post getting a panic attack many years ago, Rasmus realized the importance of travel in his life, which helped to cure him. He feels free while he travels and adventures give him an adrenaline rush that fills him up with more excitement and happiness. With Resort, he aims to map out the world's top hotels and resorts and also urges people to tag @resort on Instagram for getting a chance to be featured on the page and become the one influencing others for a great travel expedition.

The resort already has a following of more than 1.1 million on Instagram and is still growing each day. This shows how deeply it has impacted so many people around the world, encouraging and motivating them to get set ready to explore the world.