Influencing people positively with the most unique and relevant fitness training and nutritional recipes is chef and fitness trainer Tomas Chlup

Tomas Chlup

This Czech Republic youngster is riding high on success with his self-belief and passion for transforming people's mindsets and bodies for the better.

Every day we come across stories about people who stand out amongst many others in their respective fields. Ever wondered what are those qualities or virtues that have been instrumental in helping individuals carve their unique niche in their areas of interest? Well, along with true passion, one must also have the right self-belief and confidence to take over their respective fields and emerge as a sought-after professional in the same. The fitness industry might have given birth to many talented fitness trainers, but only a few have gone ahead to create that momentum in the already competitive industry. Going ahead in his quest to provide the best insights, knowledge, training and recipes to people is Tomas Chlup from the Czech Republic.

This young man has only understood the language of hard work and emphasizing on the same he has gone beyond boundaries to make people fitter and healthier with his blogs, videos, recipes and training across online mediums. Especially now, more than ever, people have turned their focus on fitness after the outbreak of a virus and this has helped them understand the significance of their health. This is when young fitness experts like Tomas Chlup play a major role in developing and influencing people's mindsets and attitude towards robust training and good nutritional food, which can help them attain their fitness goals.

He runs his blog,, where he offers people with all the necessary information and knowledge and shares his experiences with people as a runner and the races he has been a part of. He also keeps training diaries on the web and comes up with newer recipes as a chef to help people understand the importance of healthy eating as well apart from proper CrossFit training that he specializes in. He and his girlfriend even own a CrossFit gym, which currently is close due to COVID; hence, he has taken to the digital world to better reach people across the world and train them by showing what is best for them and their bodies and how they can improve in any sport and health overall.

Tomas Chlup's major focus is also on Instagram where as a fitness influencer and trainer, he keeps coming up with different videos and posts related to fitness. Currently, he is also working on a mobile app called "Konektr" with his friends where influencers can monetize their audiences by showing them exclusive content and chatting with fans through video calls. Another project of his,, is under process which would offer many more recipes and training in the coming future.

Looking at the pace at which this youngster is gaining much recognition in the online fitness world, we won't be surprised if he reaches the top of the game soon.