Influencer and Vlogger Lauren Alexis Gives Talk on Mental Health and Body Love

Lauren Alexis

Determination is key to achieving one's goal. Nothing worthwhile comes easy, and there's no success without a hurdle. However, one thing remains constant; determination remains the only way to weather the storm and come out victorious. The real-life story of Lauren Alexis, a young influencer, perfectly demonstrates the reward of tenacity. From overcoming her mental health issues of a rough childhood, Lauren has moved on to become a vlogger and social media model advocating body positivity and mental health. Her inspiring story can motivate anyone facing any struggle.

Growing up for Lauren Alexis was challenging, as she had to leave home at a young age, realizing she had to make such a sacrifice to fulfill her dreams. Lauren was only 4 when his father parted ways with the family. It was difficult for Lauren's mother to juggle work and motherhood as the family's only breadwinner. This new development made her take up roles beyond what a child would do; Lauren was often left alone to look after her younger siblings. This arrangement left her with no one to share her thoughts with, and in no time, this began to take a toll on her mental health.

At 13, Lauren wanted to be a model; however, she got derailed given the negative opinions of her family. However, this was only temporary; her love for modeling never waned. She continued relentlessly as a social media influencer at 18. Growing up, Lauren had a hard time because she always felt out of place and often misunderstood by her family and friends. Her dream of making a career in social media was taken with a pinch of salt, as they preferred she opt for the 9-5 career path instead.

Today, Lauren is a famous social media influencer and vlogger on YouTube. She has over 1.3 million followers on YouTube and over 2 million Instagram followers. Lauren also has a solid follower base on other social media platforms like Twitter, TikTok, etc. From partnering with renowned brands like Twitch to collaborating with famous YouTube creators, Lauren has accomplished several milestones early in her career. Lauren actively supports mental health and body positivity. She uses her medium to demonstrate what it means to feel confident in one's skin and lend help to those who struggle with mental health issues.

Lauren's success as a social media influencer has not been a cakewalk. Like all other influencers, she also faced negativity and trolls on social media. Despite all discouragement, she maintained a positive attitude and stayed relentless towards achieving her goal. She learned to find peace amidst the dark side of the internet, realizing that a section of internet users will always be negative and anonymous.

As a social media influencer, Lauren's life is far from being the fashionista and glam gal that the world thinks. She has to work hard to create new and innovative content that instantly grabs her followers' attention. Her life has not been as easy and glamorous as it looks; nevertheless, she would choose passion over any other career path, and this in itself means fulfillment.

Lauren wants to expand her reach on social media and uphold body confidence. She is on a mission to transform lives by advocating for mental health and helping those dealing with painful memories and experiences of the past.