Influencer company Dayor Agency changed social media approach, Star twins Mathilde and Pauline Tantot choose Dayor

Mathilde and Pauline Tantot

Mathilde and Pauline Tantot are the sexy twins under 30 who have dominated the web scene for years now. Not a dream, but simple and pure reality.

Beautiful, blond, intelligent, animal lovers and young entrepreneurs, the French-Persian twins with millions of followers have been igniting social networks and enchanting everyone in France and around the world for years, And now they have chosen the Dayor Agency to be entrusted with their image

We know that a long time ago, the work of an influencer or content creator was still out of the ordinary and it was not easy to understand what could happen in the future.

Today we know that the passion and dedication of these people working through social channels and web marketing sell billions of products moving the global economy.

It is well known by those who believe in the dreams and hopes of these people who, armed with cameras and videos, are able to lend their face and image for big brands and even big causes, moving the consciences of billions of viewers.

Dayor Agency, the world's leading marketing agency in digital talent and content creation, promotion, communication and monetization strategies, knows this well.

Dayor is dedicated to helping Creators become who they want to be, to live their dream, by fostering a vast network of influencers to create lasting and profitable partnerships. Curating everything to perfection , dayor is in the daily business of promoting its talents by increasing the Creators' audience day by day.

It is no coincidence that some of the most influential social personalities of our time and social media stars work daily with dayor, we would like to mention among them Dayane Mello, Suelyn Medeiros, Zhara Nilsson and many others.

Dayor thanks to this huge network of creators and TV stars punctually creates collaborations with talents from the same niche and creates campaigns that will go viral, it's no coincidence if you are scrolling through the social media home page and you come across Dayor's campaigns

Dayor Agency has helped many models and creators achieve their goals by providing them with high-quality services. By working with Dayor Agency's services, influencers have been able to increase their follower loyalty, visibility, project turnaround time, and access to quality content easier than ever before. Beyond that, Dayor's agency services can also help models maximize their profits while reducing overall costs.

With Dayor's support, every model can change their life using social media. By creating and maintaining an effective social media presence, the company creates a strong connection with viewers, increases brand awareness, and drives traffic to social media websites/channels. The company strives to create a safe and inclusive environment for all content creators/models/influencers so they can network to build strong value that translates into long-term fame and success.

By now, all the most influential talent in the social media world is joining this leading marketing agency.

Dayor agency also works not only with already established models but also with aspiring models and creators from any part of the world managing to change their lives thanks to this revolutionary agency.