Influencer Charles Thompson Hopes to Bring Self-Awareness to People about Inner Freedom through Instagram

Charles Thompson

To grow up to become responsible adults, society has always taught individuals to strive for a job with a stable income and benefits for living a happy life. What society does not teach is the inner freedom that these jobs take away from people. Charles Thompson is on a mission to bring self-awareness among adults to never compromise their inner freedom for the sake of a 'stable' job. He is an educator on Instagram who posts regular content about life advice and freedom.

Charles is an inspirational figure for the young generation to follow because of his successful entrepreneurial journey. Having served in the United States Air Force for 9 years, Charles wanted to do something innovative and life-changing that could bring excitement to work with freedom. His biggest drive to become a well-accomplished person is his daughter. He received a bachelor's from Southern Illinois University and an MBA from the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business. He took different leadership roles for various regional and local companies for many years that contributed to his critical thinking and analytical skills.

Charles is a firm believer in personal development. All his life, he has looked for opportunities that could polish his skills and make him better as a person and as a professional. Based on his experience, personal development is a step closer to gaining freedom in life. Charles not only took leadership roles but also co-founded a home security solution provider company that is now one of the most well known security businesses in California, called All Gard. He took upon the role of building strategies to increase the annual revenue by $130M in 6 years.

Learning from his failures and successes, Charles decided to open an Instagram account as an influencer to educate and mentor people. He has already been invited by many conferences to be a motivational speaker. But to reach a bigger audience and to create an inclusive community, Charles created a virtual platform that invites all aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals to learn and achieve freedom in their lives.

Inner freedom is earned through self-awareness and consciousness of mind. Charles has been holding virtual sessions to educate his audience about the importance of inner freedom in life. He has observed that when people do regular 9-5 jobs, they lose the capability to make bold decisions in life. They become dependent on the companies to make a living that only takes work to gain profit and increase revenue. Charles wants people to break this cycle to achieve freedom. An hourly job or a monthly, salaried job can never give you the freedom of choice that you want in life. Through his influence, Charles hopes to bring self-awareness of inner freedom for a productive and progressive future.