Influencer and Best-Selling Author Peter Sage Weighs Self Mastery vs Knowledge Mastery

Peter Sage

Peter Sage is a famous author and speaker on self-development and self-growth. His messages go much deeper than simply motivation and he shares them across numerous global platforms, providing coaching on personal development, and writing self-help books. His latest best-seller, The Inside Track: An Inspirational Guide To Conquering Adversity is an award winning book which contains a powerful toolset for facing challenges with complete belief that opportunities lie therein. He is a source of inspiration for millions of people and helps to inspire them by reinventing their own relationship to what's possible. His ultimate goal is to help evolve humanity towards an elevated level of awareness by raising global consciousness for the collective good.

Conquering your fears and achieving your dreams can seem hard and impossible. Getting past this requires a certain level of emotional maturity and dedication we are just not taught in school. The fact is that all humans have their demons within them, which stop them from moving forward in life or embracing change. According to Peter Sage, it is the constant struggle and belief that gaining more knowledge or acquiring the best possible skills is a false flag that has caused so many people to be unable to make positive shifts in their lives, regardless of their education.

He believes that knowledge mastery is gaining external skills to create internal shifts and this theory does not work at all. Mastering a skill may keep you busy and broke but acquiring self-mastery in contrast to knowledge mastery, will open a whole new world for you. It teaches you to be able to conquer your insecurities, empower you and grow your self-confidence. It gives you a level of power and emotional maturity that cascades down into all areas of life, helping you attract success and prosperity. By contrast, acquiring more knowledge by taking up courses, or learning new skills does nothing to change the person who is applying them which is often the root cause of the problem.

A mind shift is required and only self-mastery can be able to make that possible for you. According to Peter, "Self-Mastery beats Knowledge Mastery all day long. This is because people will never rise above the opinion of themselves, no matter how many skills they learn. It's also why those who buy the next course or spend their time learning the skills they think they need to be successful often stay busy, smart, and broke. Putting self-mastery before knowledge mastery allows you to show up at your best no matter what, no matter when and better apply the skills you are then free to learn."

Peter teaches his followers to conquer self-mastery, reclaim their power and handle uncertainty powerfully in order to succeed in life. You can access more of Peter Sage's wisdom by visiting his website or following his YouTube and Facebook.