The infinity of space tourism: Russia aims to build luxurious hotel at the International Space Station

Space station

Understanding the vast potential of space tourism, Russia has now announced a unique plan to build a luxurious hotel at the International Space Station (ISS).

According to reports, the new hotel will start functioning in the next few years, and it will have a luxury orbital suite parked at the International Space Station, private cabins with windows opened to deep space, a full-fledged gymnasium, personal hygienic facilities and even Internet connectivity via Wi-Fi.

Popular Mechanics reports that space tourists visiting this hotel will also get a chance for spacewalks accompanied by highly professional astronauts.

As expected, the cost of visiting this hotel will be damn too high, and it will be something inaccessible to the common man. According to reports, an up and down trip lasting for one to two weeks will cost $40 million, and if the traveler wants to extend the stay, he should pay an additional $20 million.

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Russian space agency (Russian Roskosmos State Corporation) believes that millionaires will be ready to spend this whopping sum, as this trip will provide an experience of the lifetime, and it also allows them to share their live space pictures via Instagram or Facebook.

According to financial experts, there are more than 43,000 people in the world who have a net asset of more than $30 million. If at least 36 wealthy individuals decide to book a trip to this grand hotel, the hotel will turn profitable, reports Popular Mechanics.

So, are you the one who holds a cool $60 million in your bank account? If Yes, contact Russian Space Agency, and get ready for the trip of your lifetime.