INFINITE worried about their growing age, says dancing makes them breathless

INFINITE ONLY was released at September 19 midnight.

INFINITE faced some tough time filming for their recently released newest single, The Eye. The South Korean boy band revealed that their latest MV has the most difficult choreography and they literally pushed their limits to match the steps right.

At the press event of their sixth mini album INFINITE ONLY, the boy group stated that their age might be the reason behind the hard times they faced while dancing. The vocalist of the group, Lee Sungyeol asserted: " Since we've gotten older, our stamina has gone down a bit as well. We used to always tease Sunggyu hyung when he said he was getting older, but I think we're getting punished now. We're trying to keep in shape by exercising now." INFINITE are in their seventh year of debut and has been very constant with their music releases and variety show appearances.

Talking about their age woes, the member further relayed: "As we prepared for this album, we realized that we have aged. It was hard. We felt the need to maintain ourselves physically.As a result, each of us worked out hard. When we danced, we would get out of breath."

"However, we agreed to not show that we've aged when we stand on stage. We want to reignite our original drive and put on a stage that is as youthful [and energetic] as if we were rookies again," the group shared.

INFINITE ONLY is the sixth mini album from the seven-member boy band. As per Soompi, the album includes seven tracks in total, with the title track The Eye. The album was released on September 19 at midnight.

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