Infants in Singapore encounter maximum number of road accidents, says study

The result of infants and children involved in accident given by pediatric hospitals KK and KKH.

Children injured in road accidents
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KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH) undertook a study on the injuries of the infants and children who were faced with traffic accidents in Singapore. The study throws light on the need for proper measures and protection required to safeguard children from such accidents.

A study called "Road traffic injuries among children and adolescents in Singapore – Who is at greatest risk?" was published in Elsevier's Accident Analysis and Prevention journal earlier this year- The study presents a result of all the road traffic accidents and injuries which were treated only by the two paediatric care centres-KK and KKH.

The result comprised a total of 2468 infants and children up to 16 years of age who were brought and admitted to the emergency ward within 24 hours of the injury in the two hospitals, KK and KKH, from January 2012 and April 2016. The injured patients included infants and children who were involved in a motor cycle crash as well as pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicyclists involved in a motor cycle crash.

KK observed that out of the 2468 children with road traffic accident, 60.1% were involved in a motor cycle crash. The cause of the accident is mostly due to the non-restraining nature of the guardians of the children at the time of the accident. Out of the total children lost or injured, infants with 65.7% are observed to have the highest number to have involvement in the accident, who was not restrained at the injury time following with children aged between one and two-year with 61.5% and children with two years and older having a proportion of 48%.

Dr Chong Shu-Ling, who participated in the study said: "Children are fragile. The risk of death and long-term disability is real. The importance of adhering to road safety measures for children, especially the use of age-appropriate child seats and restraints, as well helmets for bicycle users, cannot be overemphasised."

"We are hopeful that with a better understanding, parents and caregivers will be more conscientious and committed to adherence to safety measures, reducing the incidence of preventable and serious injuries in children locally.", Dr Chong further added emphasising on the need for an appropriate measure and steps for preventing traffic road accidents.