Infant Formula Shortage Fuels Abortion Law Controversy; Single Moms are at the Receiving End, Social Media Chatter

Countrywide shortage of infant formula has added fuel to the ongoing controversy over the abortion laws in U.S.

A large number of women activists and women rights groups have taken to various social media platforms criticizing the government for forcing them to give birth to babies when the country is unable to provide adequate formula milk for the infants.

Social media followers have stated that anti-abortion laws will lead to an increase in the number of new born babies who have to be fed with FDA approved infant formula. In the wake of ongoing gap between demand and supply of infant formula, the condition will deteriorate thereby creating a problem for mothers and their new born babies.

Infant formula missing from the shelves

Is It a Conspiracy to Pressurize Government Against Abortion Laws?

Some single mothers too have come forward with their grievances adding that dealing with multiple problems single handed is already difficult and now this shortage of infant formula is nothing less than a nightmare. They even suggested that the government must consider relaxing the abortion laws keeping in mind the problems faced by single mothers.

However, a section of followers has even pointed towards the possibility of a "conspiracy" stating that this shortage could be fake and a pressure tactic on the government to roll back its decision on abortion laws.

According to a report published by News18, the shortage of baby formula is a result of Abbot Factory shutdown in Sturgis, Michigan due to contamination concerns. However, the report further stated that some insiders have disclosed that the shortage was a problem even before this shutdown.

A twitter user shared, "I'm so tired of all this discourse around women and our bodies. First the abortion laws, banning plan b/condoms, now imbeciles downplaying the baby formula shortage... I AM EXHAUSTED."

"I think it's useful to understand the Right's responses to the formula shortage in light of the draconian anti-abortion laws popping up everywhere. They really do want us relegated to reproductive function only and out of public life," stated another user.

"SCOTUS: trying to overturn Roe v Wade, which would enable multiple states to ban abortion immediately with their trigger laws the supply chain: hey there's a shortage of baby formula bad timing to try to force people to give birth," read a tweet.

Another tweet read, "It's the conspiracy theorist in me that's questioning why the shortage of baby formula is happening now with the Left freaking out over States deciding their own abortions laws. America is headed towards becoming a Third World socialist country. #FJB #socialism."