Inefficient knowledge transfer & a widening skills gap are challenges that Knowtified is positioned to resolve

Samir Hassan

It is undeniable that the pandemic has changed our lives dramatically. It changed the way we work, live, and plan. What's more, it influenced our mindsets. Newspapers around the globe are showing us great numbers of job quitters, even calling it the era of Great Resignation. The reasons why people are leaving their jobs are varied, from the pursuit of more money to more flexibility (like the possibility of remote working) and to more happiness. All of this is leading to a dramatic increase in resignations, and, for the companies, it means losing a wealth of knowledge & wisdom. Furthermore, the companies lose money as the process of loss and turnover significantly decreases their productivity.

Additionally, despite of no dearth of training tools, the business world is staring at a massive skills gap. This is primarily due to the focus on course completions rather than verification of skills competencies.

What's the solution?

Samir Hassan, a brilliant entrepreneur with extensive experience in the tech industry, has come up with an answer. The current global workforce situation has made him consider the factors impacting the future of our society.

"The business world is at an intersection where the aftermath of the pandemic meets the generational shift in the global workforce," says Samir.

While working with one of the biggest companies in the world, he noticed that even though their employees had access to everything, knowledge transfer and competence assurance was still areas of concern. This made him think about how the situation might look within smaller companies that don't have the privileges or budget of such a large company. The pandemic had stalled his previous entrepreneurial venture and so, instead of waiting for things to turn around, he decided to pursue the idea, and this is how Knowtified was born.

In the beginning, it was a challenging road. Two years ago, no one believed in what he was building. In fact, some people discouraged him from moving forward at all. He bottomed out financially and almost sold his home to pursue this vision when, thankfully, it began to evolve. The customer discovery journey took 11 months and involved thousands of companies. It turns out that Samir was right about the massive problems that companies were facing globally related to knowledge transfer and the widening skills gap. Samir says that he is happy that he can make a difference and, with its unique process and technology, Knowtified can help others to shape a better future.

How does it work?

Knowtified is helping businesses to increase their productivity with knowledge transfer and competence assurance using AI & Augmented Reality.

Knowtified helps businesses record their internal learnings and notifies their team with their key learnings specific to their departments. It helps companies do competence assurance in-person or remotely and generate centralized competency reports that reflect their teams' learning progression.

As the founder, Samir has managed to onboard a diverse team of experts from around the world, across all departments, to additionally help companies with instant resolution to their problems and build a robust platform that follows a proven methodology to ensure critical skills are applied to the job.

Knowtified is now working on integrating the augmented reality smart glasses from Microsoft and Realwear into its solution so their clients can seamlessly and safely do knowledge transfer and competence assurance regardless of their location.

Despite being a new company, Knowtified has already achieved significant success and is currently servicing clients in the North America & GCC regions with contracts that are worth millions of dollars.

A knowledge transfer strategy is an asset and underestimating its importance can have serious consequences. Why wait? Say goodbye to inefficiencies and lost wisdom. Say hello to the future of work.