Indonesian maid who slept with Rottweiler for two months dies in Penang hospital

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An Indonesian maid who was compelled to sleep with a Rottweiler for more than two months took her last breath on February 11, at the Penang Hospital, Malaysia. The cause of death is yet to be determined.

It was a neighbour who first spotted Adelina with wounds on her hands and legs. Most of the times, Adelina would not respond to the greetings offered, and this made the neighbour suspicious. Suspecting something fishy, the neighbour soon contacted a journalist, who later alerted Bukit Mertajam MP Steven Sim.

After facing two months of torture, the 21-year-old maid named Adelina was rescued on Saturday. During the time of rescue operations, Adelina seemed too terrified to respond to rescuers, and she just glanced at them later shaking her head.

Neighbors also revealed that the woman was forced to sleep with a rottweiler by her employer for more than two months, and they also added that she was regularly abused. According to latest updates, investigation officers are probing Adelina's employer and brother to unravel the mysteries associated with this death.

"We arrived and saw her on the porch. She did not respond to us and just shook her head. We spoke to the neighbours, who told us they often heard the employer scolding her loudly from inside the house," said Por Cheng Han, a member of the rescue team, the Star reports.

Upon questioning, the employer has reportedly told that she has never abused Adeline, but has slapped two times in the past.

The employer who is 60-year-old also added that the injuries sustained by the maid were due to the exposure to strong chemicals.

"She claimed that the maid had accidentally spilled the chemical on her legs and arms when pouring this into the drain hole, causing chemical burns and that despite being provided with medication, she did not stop picking at her wounds, making them worse," said Por Cheng Han.

Unfortunately, Police was not able to record statements from the victim, as she was not in a state to talk due to the reigning fear in her mind.