Indonesian Maid in Singapore steals money; feed her employers food mixed with her menstrual blood

She apologized for her wrong doing and said that she had not committed any crime back in Indonesia

A maid was jailed in Singapore for feeding her employers contaminated food and thieving more than S$10,000. The 30-year-old pleaded guilty on two counts of mischief and one count of theft. On Monday, she was sentenced to six months and seven weeks in jail.

The maid who goes by the name Diana started working for the family in 2017. Her employers drank the water she contaminated with her menstrual blood and urine sometime in August 2019. The details behind how the family found out her contamination and theft was not disclosed.

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The contamination was to make the family believe her

The maid stole around S$13,000 from the elderly woman in the family. The money was kept inside a safe which the woman opened by learning the employer's passcode to the iPad. The elderly woman received a monthly allowance from her husband and her children which she kept inside the safe.

The maid knew that the money was kept inside the safe in the woman's bedroom and learned the passcode before stealing the money. Diana then sent the money to her native in Indonesia through another unnamed woman. The money was not recovered.

According to prosecution, she used more than one type of bodily fluid to contaminate the family's food. The woman who was not represented by anyone said that she feels guilty for her actions and has not committed any crime in Indonesia.

Accused apologized to the family

She said that her family was under distress back in Indonesia and she needed the money. She also said that she was a divorcee and was supporting her family. Diana apologized to the family from the 'bottom of her heart' for her wrongdoing. She believed that by doing the contamination the family would listen to her and her stealing the money from the safe would go unnoticed.

She admitted to her rimes in October 2019 after the family filed a police report. The prosecution said that the contamination could have gone undetected for a long period of time.