Indonesian maid jailed in Singapore for killing her elderly employer

Representational image Pixabay

Singapore's High Court has sentenced an Indonesian maid to fifteen years in prison after she pleaded guilty to killing her elderly employer after a dispute last year.

Minah, the 38-year-old Indonesian maid killer her employer Tay Quee Lang, 77, on February 13, 2017. The maid apparently thrust a 22-centimetre kitchen knife so deep into her employer's throat as it reached the apex of her lungs.

Details of the murder

It was in January 2017 that Tay Quee's husband Tan Hee Seng hired Minah to take care of his wife. After a fall which happened in 2016, Minah had faced difficulties to walk, and she had used a walking stick to move around.

In the initial days, the victim and the accused went along well, but things took an unexpected turn when both of them had a word war on February 13, 2017.

On February 13, 2017, Tay Quee was sitting on her chair after completing the lunch with the help of her husband. After feeding her, Tay's husband went out for a medical appointment.

Later, the elderly woman repeatedly called the maid for help who was then having lunch in the kitchen. As the maid refused to turn up, the employer scolded her stating that the Indonesian woman used to take a long time to eat and play on her smartphone. In the course of time, the pair soon ended up shouting at each other.

As the dispute worsened, the Indonesian maid took a knife and stabbed her employer in the throat. A man living next door heard the scream of Tay, and he soon called the Police.

In the initial phase of interrogation, Minah adamantly claimed that Minah had committed suicide. But when the prosecution produced clinching proofs and incriminating pieces of evidence, Minah pleaded guilty to the charge of culpable homicide on the court on April 23, Monday.