Indonesian maid faces jail over false charges that she was raped by employer's husband

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An Indonesian maid, who had an affair with her employer's husband was sentenced to 14 days' jail on Wednesday, May 15 after admitting that she faked her rape case against the man.

The maid, Sumaini, made false allegations against the man with whom she had consensual sex on two occasions. The court heard that she faked the rape case hoping that it would help her to return to Indonesia, as her employer did not let her go.

On Wednesday, she was convicted for providing false information to the police which was investigated by the Serious Sexual Crime Branch of the Criminal Investigation Department.

During the hearing, Gregory Gan, the Deputy Public Prosecutor, told the court that the man's wife called the police to inform that the 29-year-old maid was sexually abused. The wife of the man also accompanied the maid to Police Cantonment Complex for an interview, where she said that her employer's husband raped her on January 15. After lodging the complaint the man was arrested and taken to a lock-up at the complex.

Further investigation revealed that the maid and the man were chatting over Facebook Messenger, where they found one message from Sumaini, who wrote that she missed the man. From these text messages, the investigators came to know that these two individuals were in a relationship.

The DPP told the District Judge Luke Tan that Sunaini admitted that she decided to tell the truth after being confronted by the police who showed her the Facebook messages as evidence against her claim.

Later, the Indonesian maid accepted that she lied about the rape allegation because she wanted to go back to her native but the man's wife refused her requests earlier.

During the sentencing, the DPP sought for a jail term between 10 days and two weeks while stressing that the innocent man had to spend time inside the prison for the lies Sunaini made. However, the Indonesian maid said that she regretted her act.

It should be noted that for providing false information to police, a convict usually receives a jail term up to one year, as well as a fine of maximum $5,000.

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