Watch: Baby whale sharks miraculously rescued in Indonesia

In a heartfelt video from National Geographic, divers are seen rescuing whale sharks from a deadly snare.

Whale Shark
Whale shark Pixabay

A team of four divers took up the initiative to save the whale sharks, stuck in the fishing nets near the coast of Indonesia. Catching whale sharks, which is an endangered species, is an actual threat to the ecological balance.

In this video, shared by National Geographic on Twitter, we see four juvenile whale sharks trying desperately to free themselves from the snare. Probably they fell into the trap while they were looking for prey. Catching and hunting these sharks are illegal. Luckily, they were freed by these kind divers.

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Check out the video here:

Though they are gigantic, "whale sharks" are submissive in nature. They are often placed in aquariums. Oskar Aquarium Taiyuan, in Kagoshima, Japan, contains three "whale sharks" in captivity.

Young whale sharks allow divers to ride on them which is considered to be harmful for the sharks according to the scientists. They are being illegally hunted down in Asia, despite being an endangered species. Several countries have come together and taken steps to conserve this magnificent creature. The Philippines have banned fishing, selling, importing, and exporting of whale sharks in 1998, followed by India in May 2001 and Taiwan in May 2007. Scientists argue that these harmless giants can only be protected if masses are made aware of the ill effects their depletion can have on eco-diversity.

Let's come together and join hands to save the "whale sharks" from extinction!!