The first clue that helped rescuers zero in on the exact crash location of the ill-fated Indonesian plane, was a piece of clothing belonging to a little girl.

A pink hoodie that belonged to a female child was found floating by divers in the Java Sea that later helped the rescue agencies conclude the site of crashed Sriwijaya Air flight SJ182, local news sources reported.

Pink Hoodie

Soon the pictures of the pink hoodie went viral and social media users were able to identify that the bright pink hoodie belonged to Yumna, who had boarded the flight along with her mother, a sister who was a few years older than her, and an infant brother.

A Singaporean news source revealed that Yumna was passenger number 45 on Sriwijaya Air flight SJ182, as per the flight manifest. Yumna and her mother Ratih were headed to Pontianak, West Kalimantan to visit her father Yaman Zai.

Yumna, who appeared to have worn the hoodie in several of her pictures on Instagram was heading to meet her father on Pontianak, where the family was planning to go on a vacation. Her father Yaman has been working in Pontianak for the last one year, TRIBUNnews reported.

Pink Hoodie

The heartbroken father told reporters that his wife had sent him pictures of his daughters before boarding the flight. He had been waiting at the airport for several hours at the airport only to hear the tragic news that his entire family has died.

The photos of the pink hoodie belonging to Yumna deeply touched the social media users who expressed their shock and unbelief of the tragic incident.

There were 62 passengers on board the crashed airliner comprising of 40 adults, 7 children, and three infants, along with 12 crew members -- all Indonesians. All died on board the Boeing 737-500 after it crashed into the Java Sea on January 9, 2.40 pm local time.

The plane had taken off from Jakarta barely four minutes earlier.

Late on Sunday evening, Indonesia's National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) located the plane's black box flight recorder and obtained communications data. The two black boxes from Sriwijaya Air Flight 182 were recovered within 150 to 200 meters (492 to 656 feet) of the crash site.

Meanwhile, the search is still ongoing for remains of victims and wreckage of the B-737-500. According to The Jakarta Post, a team of 2,600 rescuers has been deployed along with 53 ships and 13 planes searching for human remains and debris from the aircraft.