For Indonesia LGBT community is people with psychiatric problems

The Indonesian Psychiatrists Association said it wants to keep Indonesian traditions free from foreign influence.

In Indonesia homosexuality is a mental disorder and warrants treatment according to a leading psychiatric organization in the country.

Those identified as homosexual or bisexual will be categorized as "people with psychiatric problems," while individuals who identify as transgender are labeled as having "mental disorders," The Indonesian Psychiatrists Association said.

The association said they will take good care for such people and wants to keep Indonesian traditions free from foreign influence.

"What we are worried about is, if left untreated, such sexual tendencies could become a commonly accepted condition in society."

"We must respect Indonesian traditions, which culturally do not accept same-sex marriage, and we should not bow to the influence of foreign values that may not fit in with our values."

Indonesia's decision to classify homosexuality as a mental disorder has received criticism from international community.

Australia Broadcasting Corporation News reported Thursday that Indonesian Defence Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu has labeled the LGBT community a "threat" and efforts have been made against LGBT websites.

"The government has shut down a slew of websites, ordered TV programs depicting gay lives off the air and demanded all instant messaging apps remove same-sex emoticons — like men holding hands and the symbolic rainbow flag — or face a ban," ABC News reported.

The Vice President Jusuf Kalla had asked the United Nations Development Program not to finance LGBT community programs in the country, earlier this month, as per a Jakarta Post report.