Indonesia: Footbridge collapse kills 3 in south Jakarta

Authorities say that even after the collapse the main structure of the bridge was still intact.

At least three people died after a large part of a footbridge in southern Jakarta's Pasar Minggu collapsed due to heavy rainfall and strong winds on Saturday afternoon.

The reported that the accident not only injured people passing underneath the bridge but also people who were using it fell onto the road along with it.

Later, the police closed off the road.

The latest report from police said seven people had been injured in the accident.

The Jakarta Post reported that according to a Jakarta Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) report on Saturday afternoon, three of the injured people died in Siaga Hospital in Pasar Minggu.

Reports say that even after the collapse the main structure of the bridge was still intact.

"The condition of the bridge is very strong," Mamat, a security officer told Channel NewsAsia.

"Physically there is nothing wrong. The proof is that it wasn't the whole bridge that collapsed, it was the side-fencing," the officer added.

According to Mamat, the bridge was made only with an iron frame which was rusting - especially on the floor.

"The floors have just been resurfaced," he added.

Mamat also said that he thinks the billboard that was attached to the fence was not the cause of such collapse. It was the natural factors which led to the disaster.

"It's because of the wind. The wind and rain was strong yesterday – some people say like a little typhoon. It was scary to see," Mamat said.

However, a 45-year-old motorcycle taxi driver Iwan, who also witnessed the collapse, contradicted Mamat's statement. He said he did not think it was because of natural factors.

"The bridge looks strong. But on the fence there are plants and a billboard. It had weakened, which caused the wind to knock it over," Iwan said.

People are hoping that the government will be able to improve the pedestrian bridge and build a new one.

"The bridge is important for citizens to access the train station it's connected to," said Iwan.