Indonesia bootleg deaths
Officials destroy bottles of alcohol confiscated from street shops in Jakarta August 29, 2008 Reuters

More than two dozen people have died in Indonesia after drinking spurious liquor.

The incident happened in the town of Sleman, north of Yogyakarta city, after people consume home-made alcohol made by a couple, police said.

"Most of the victims were students," Sleman police chief Yulianto told AFP.

Reports of the first death from the bootleg alcohol came on Wednesday, and more people died in the following days.

Reports said 26 people die and 22 are being treated at hospitals.

As many as 22 of the victims died after drinking liquor made out of ethanol, water and fruits. Four other bought home-made liquor from another local vendor.

The couple have been arrested, police said.

"Police have sent the hard liquors mixed with harmful substances to the laboratory in Semarang to be tested," Yulianto said, Reuters reported.

Moonshine -- and deaths from it -- are common in Indonesia. Muslim majority Indonesia has tight liquor licensing rules, which have made authentic liquor unaffordable to people in rural areas.

Last year, two Islamic parties proposed a bill that seeks to ban liquor consumption entirely. Under the terms of the bill offenders would be sent to two years in prison.

Indonesia is the world's 10th largest consumer of beer, Reuters reported last year.