Indonesia: 13 stranded Malaysian climbers rescued from mountain in Aceh

It was reported that the climbers were found near Kulit Manis 2 Camp at 3.30 pm local time.

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Indonesian Rescue teams have been successful in locating the 13 Malaysian climbers who got stuck on Mount Loser in Aceh due to bad weather and were unable to climb down. Currently, efforts are being made to bring them to the plains.

The Malaysian climbers, using the name "Kumpulan Ekspedisi Unity Trans-Lung 2016" started their expedition on 1 December from Indonesia's North Sumatra province, Medan. They reached the base camp at the Jalur Kedah Base Camp on 2 December after 20 hours of trek.

It was reported that the climbers were found near Kulit Manis 2 Camp at 3.30 pm local time. One of them was also suffering from hypothermia but now is stable. The rescue team is figuring out how to bring the climbers down to Puncak Angkasan where they are likely to be joined by a second search and rescue team before climbing down the mountain together, reported The Malay Mail.

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Mustaqim Mustaza, the managing director of Global Communication Center Kuala Lumpur (GCC), which coordinated the rescue operation, said: "They were found at 3.30 pm local time and reported to be safe, including Ahmad Nazir, whose condition is reported to be stable."

Rescue operations were launched by National Search and Rescue Agency, known as Badan SAR Nasional, as soon as they were informed that the Malaysian climbers got stranded on the mountain at an altitude of 2,972 metres in bad weather condition.

Lately, the weather has been not been very favourable as heavy rain lashed the steep mountains making movements of climbers impossible.