India's most trusted Christian Matrimony shares about enabling differently-abled to find partners through ChavaraEmpowerMatrimony.Com


A father searches for a groom for his daughter who limps due to contracting polio at a young age. He is anxious and fears rejection because she is differently abled. Does she not deserve to dream of marriage? Will she ever be able to find a suitable life partner?

The above is just a scenario that reflects the dilemma of parents whose child is differently-abled and has reached marriageable age. These stories reflect the stereotypes in the wedding industry and how to break these stigmas.

Redefining the wedding sphere

Chavara Matrimony is one of the forerunners in breaking the stereotypes by enabling a platform for differently-abled individuals to find life partners through The matchmaking company agrees that the marriage industry is no less than a roller coaster ride of finding the perfect partner.

If you are differently abled, there arises a certain scepticism and question about the chances of finding suitors on a wedding portal. So the onus stands on society to debunk the myths, break stereotypes and enable people with any type of disabilities to think about marriage and not lose hope.

Setting new benchmarks

The precursor of this social responsibility is Chavara Matrimony, founded by a group of clergy under the guidance of the Chavara Family Welfare Centre from Kochi. The matrimony site broke the stereotype of 'what will Parish Priests know about marriage?' to complete two and half decades of journey connecting hearts. Now by offering differently-abled individuals the opportunity to find life partners through, they are setting new pedestals for others to follow.

It was launched in 1996, reaching a remarkable mark of 6 lakh online registrations, expanding to 30+ outlets across different Indian states, and advanced searching through the app; the Chavara Christian matrimony website is becoming a pioneer in setting many benchmarks.

Nothing Can Stop You!

"We want to empower all differently abled individuals and their families that nothing can restrict them from walking the aisle and getting into the holy matrimony", states the Director, Chavara Family Welfare Centre.

Chavara Christian Matrimony follows the motto; Nothing Can Stop You! as its core value. Reignite your hope by browsing through lakhs of verified profiles on the app. You can get complete registration guidance by visiting any Chavara matrimony branch or downloading the Chavara matrimony app. The perfect match awaits you at Chavara Matrimony.