Indian researcher says time travel possible through black holes, can reach billions of years in future

The concept of time dilation was discussed in several Hollywood movies that includes Christopher Nolan's Interstellar

Black Hole
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The concept of time dilation was discussed in several Hollywood sci-fi movies, and now, an Indian researcher claims that black holes, one of the most mysterious entities in the universe has the ability to dilate time. If explained hypothetically, if one gets nearer to the black hole, time will be normal for that person, but for observers outside, thousands of years would have been passed.

Time travel possibilities

In the website Quora, Atharva Palshetkar of the CTES College, Mumbai wrote that time will get slower and slower as a spaceship approaches a black hole. However, for outsiders, these moments would be equal to thousands of years.

"Being this close to a black hole, time affects the spaceship and it gets slower and slower as it gets near a black hole. Now if someone was supposed to see you falling down a black hole, he would see you going slower and slower, taking weeks, years and even decades until you reach a point where light can't escape the black hole's event horizon. The viewer then just sees a spaceship stuck at the event horizon until it gets red-shifted and it gradually disappears," wrote Palshetkar.

As per Palshetkar, thousands of years will be passed in a matter of minutes as a spaceship approaches a black hole, and when it returns the earth, things will be very similar to that of Christopher Nolan's Hollywood movie Interstellar.

"Meanwhile, while you enter the black hole everything you see outside will begin to speed up outside. Your family, kids, grandkids, hundreds of generations will rise and fall in just matters of minutes and hours," added Palshetkar.

Can humans reach a black hole?

Even though time traveling with a black hole is at least hypothetically possible, space experts believe that it will not be practically possible. The nearest black hole to the earth is almost 6,523 light-years away and as per current technologies, it is practically impossible to reach these dark entities.