Indian-origin man charged with Jurong Town Hall murder

Arrested and jailed
Representational image Pixabay

Saravanan Arimuram, a 31-year-old Indian origin man was charged in court yesterday for murdering his fellow worker on February 15. According to police reports, Saravanan allegedly killed Sivakumar Perumal, aged 43 at a construction site along Jurong Town Hall Road in Singapore's suburb industrial estate. As per Singaporean law, offenders convicted of murder will be given the death penalty.

Details of the incident

The alleged incident associated with the case happened between 5.30pm and 5.48pm Thursday. Sivakumar Perumal was driving a prime mover at that time, while Saravanan Arimuram and another 18-year-old man were passengers. Police were initially alerted to an accident involving a prime mover. After reaching the spot immediately, Police took the three men to the National University Hospital. Sivakumar Perumal who suffered serious injuries on chest and face died later on the same day.

Investigation officers believe that the accident might have occurred following a dispute between the deceased and the suspect.

"Preliminary investigations revealed that the accident is believed to have resulted following a dispute between the deceased and the suspect," said the statement issued by Police.

It is still not clear whether the injuries on Sivakumar Perumal's body were caused by the accident or they were inflicted before the prime mover crash.

Police soon arrested Saravanan Arimuram, and he is now remanded to police custody. The alleged accused will be submitted before the court on February 23.In the meantime, the injured man who was there with Saravanan and Sivakumar in the prime mover has been discharged from the hospital.

While in the court, Saravanan was seen wearing a bright yellow tank-top with the words 'Yellow Ribbon Project' written on it. The alleged convict kept his eyes closed when the charges were read out in front of him.

The 'Yellow Ribbon Project' is a community initiative which began in Singapore in 2004. The initiative aims to create awareness in the minds of the general public regarding the importance of giving a second chance to ex-offenders after their release from prison.