Indian national faces 10 charges of assaulting police, creating nuisance at Everton Park

Singapore Police Force
Singapore Police Force Reuters

An Indian citizen was arrested and charged in court after he was found guilty of assaulting a Singapore police officer at an apartment block in the Everton Park housing estate and causing nuisance to the public while being in the possession of alcohol.

The accused, Murugesan Ragupathiraja, is facing 10 charges, three of which were committed on Sunday, June 9 after he tried to assault a police officer. He also faced charges for causing nuisance to the public while being drunk in the housing estate and committing mischief by kicking two wooden benches at nearby Duxton Plain Park.

Police said that they were alerted on Sunday afternoon when a member of the public reported about the incident and asked the police to check on it. The police were told that the man not only caused nuisance to the public but also damaged public property in the estate.

When the police reached the spot, they had to fire taser shots at his legs and arrest the 25-year-old after disabling him to the ground. A video of this incident surfaced online and it has captured the man arguing with police officers while drinking alcohol from a can and taking a swing at one of them.

Reports revealed that the accused faced charges in the past for robbing a man, from whom he collected S$160, his ATM card and a bag by throwing red powder, believed to be red chilli powder into the victim's eyes. Earlier he was also charged for spitting at an auxiliary police officer and slapping another.

After the recent incident, the accused was asked to return to court on July 9 for the trail.