Indian Man Cuts Off Minor Daughter's Head, Walks With Severed Head In Village

A man beheaded his 17-year-old daughter as he was not happy with her relationship with a man.

In a blood-curdling incident, an Indian man was spotted walking down in the village with the severed head of his 17-year-old daughter. Reports claim that he beheaded his daughter as he was not happy with her relationship with a man.

Residents of Pandetara, which is 200 km from Lucknow city in central Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, were shocked to see vegetable vendor Sarvesh Kumar walking with the severed head of his daughter on road on March 3. It is said that he had walked 2 km along the village road, carrying the head. One of the residents informed the police about the same.

Butcher's knife
Image for representation only. Reuters

Man Shows No Remorse

Two officers rushed to the village and intercepted Sarvesh Kumar. He did not show any remorse or hesitation when police officers questioned him. They asked him his name and whose head he was carrying. Sarvesh introduced himself and said that he used a sharp tool to behead his daughter as he was not happy with her relationship with a man.

He also said that he beheaded her without anyone's help. He latched the room and cut off her head himself. He informed the police that they can find her body in the room.

When police asked him to put the head down and surrender, he agreed without any opposition. He was arrested and brought to the police station. Speaking to NDTV, Kapil Deo Singh, police official from Hardoi, confirmed that Sarvesh Kumar arrested for murder.

Constable Suspended

He also informed that a police constable who was seen carrying the head of the victim inside the police station was also suspended. A video of the constable roaming inside the police station carrying the head of the victim had gone viral. Thus, immediate action was taken and the cop was suspended.

A report in stated that Sarvesh had seen his daughter in a compromising position with a man. This had enraged him as he was against their relationship and wanted to teach her a lesson. So he waited for the right time, locked his daughter inside the room and killed her. The Times of India quoted Hardoi Superintendent Anurag Vats saying that Sarvesh's wife had testified against him in her statement to the police.

Reports claim that the state of Uttar Pradesh has reported highest number of crimes in India. According to September 2020 data released by the National Crime Record Bureau, Uttar Pradesh topped the list of crimes against women in India.