Indian Man Brutally Murders Son With Hammer, Leaves Him Lying in Pool of Blood [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

A heated argument over property dispute led the Indian father to kill his son.

A CCTV footage of an Indian man brutally murdering his son with a hammer emerged on social media on Friday. In the video, the man could be seen attacking the son multiple times as he lay in a pool of blood.

The incident happened on Wednesday in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The CCTV footage showed the 72-year-old perpetrator, identified as Veera Raju, picking up a hammer and heading toward his son Jalaraju, who was working in an enclosed porch. Raju stood behind the 40-year-old son and hurled several hammer blows on his head until he fell off his stool.

Father murders son with a hammer
This screenshot of a CCTV footage shows an Indian man attacking his son with a hammer. YouTube

The son could be seen lying in a pool of blood as his father walked toward the entrance to make sure nobody was around. Jalaraju could be seen holding his hand up to his head and trying to move. Following this, his father returned to strike a final blow on his son's head with the hammer before walking toward the entrance. The bloodied man was taken to a local hospital by other family members but was reportedly declared brought dead.

According to local reports, Raju turned himself in at a local police station and confessed to the crime. The police took him in custody on murder charges.

Father murders son with a hammer
This screenshot of a CCTV footage shows a man lying in a pool of blood after being fatally by his father in India. YouTube

"We have recovered the CCTV footage and are investigating the crime from all angles," Assistant Commissioner of Police Swarupa Rani told Indo-Asian News Service.

Local reports said Jalaraju, who worked as seaman in the western state of Maharashtra, returned to his parents' home only a week ago before the incident happened. A heated argument over property dispute led Raju to kill his son, whom Raju had asked to give some money to his three sisters, according to the police.

Warning: Graphic video