Indian-Decent Bhavik Patel Of Albany Creek Establishes 3 Enterprises At Just 23

Bhavik Patel

Bhavik Patel describes how he established three companies despite having no formal college education.

Many people wonder if they can get into their dream college and course after graduating from high school. Is a college education, however, required for success in life? The truth may be different. Because, in today's world, college is not a prerequisite for achieving one's goals. Of course, in many cases, advanced education is required, but so are skills and talents. Volunteering, learning from peers, and hard work can all help an individual climb the success ladder, even if they lack a formal college education.

Such is the story of Bhavik Patel, a 23-year-old entrepreneur from Brisbane who has repeatedly demonstrated that one only needs to be resolute in the face of adversity and have strong willpower to achieve any goal in life.

Bhavik Patel - The Big Shot

Bhavik, who had been inspired to achieve great things since childhood, got his first job after leaving school, earning $13 per hour. This prompted him to consider how he could yield more. He used to receive a commission at work, which allowed him to learn sales very well while earning a lot of money. This compelled him to advance, and he soon found himself in the sales department as a Microsoft Brand Ambassador. But soon he went on to work for another company as a state manager.

Even after landing high-paying jobs at MNCs, the young entrepreneur was dissatisfied because he wanted to start his own business. This inspired Bhavik to found Level Up Stayz, a business that gave him a fantastic network and understanding. However, he faced some challenges with that business because of his business partner's lack of transparency and financial exploitation. He did not, however, flee his difficulties. Instead, this motivated him to change his mindset and become the best version of himself possible.

The Three Ventures

Level Up Stayz, Bhavik's first company, provides home/room rental services in Gold Coast, Australia.

Bhavik's meaningful connections with other entrepreneurs, creators, and businesses have allowed him to hone his digital marketing skills, leading him to launch Synqronicity, a digital marketing agency. The agency's goal is to provide services and strategies across multiple domains such as website design, social media management, graphics, and video editing.

Level Up Tuning, Bhavik's third business, makes his clients' cars faster, louder, and more fuel efficient. As part of his plan for the next 24 months, he wants to make $100,000 per month profit and use that money to help other people in situations similar to his who may not be academically capable of attending university/college. Bhavik concludes, "Being bad or failing in school does not imply that you are a failure or that you will never find love. It isn't for everyone."