Indian couple's tryst with real spirit: Check out 6 ways to relive Halloween experience

In this Halloween, here are five different tips which can be followed to see a ghost.

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The life of Indian couple Neeraj and Parvathy (pseudonyms) were fine till that fateful day when the latter showed signs of possession. On one fine day, Parvathy started speaking Sanskrit and claimed that she is a Brahmin girl named Sridevi who lived in the early years of the 20th century. Shocked with her claims, Neeraj took Parvathy to a psychiatrist and followed treatment as per instructions from the healthcare professional. Neeraj strongly believed that his wife's issue is a case of psychosis and multiple personality disorder, as explained by the psychiatrist.

Neeraj, being an atheist, asked Parvathy to take a course of treatment, which his wife diligently followed. Unfortunately, the treatment did not bring about any positive effects on Parvathy, and she used to wear the cloth of Sridevi every now and then. During some days, Sridevi used to enter Parvathy's body more than three times a day, and after an hour of blind impersonation, she would go away. The case of possession brought about negative impacts in the life of the couple, and finally, their marital status too was at stake. Interestingly, Parvathy used to show extraordinary mental and physical ability during the time of possession.

Neeraj now decided to investigate the claims made by the soul of Sridevi. As per the directions given by Parvathy, Neeraj followed the life of Sridevi and learnt that all the claims about the person who lived 100 years back were true. Neeraj also understood that Sridevi was murdered by one of her family members, which resulted in her ghostly status. With the help of a parapsychologist, Neeraj went in depth on this case and finally performed some rituals without the knowledge of Parvathy to send the deceased soul to the immortal world. From then, the soul of Sridevi has never possessed Parvathy; maybe the medicines have worked, or was that the act of an unknown entity?

At this Halloween, we are presenting you five different tips which can be followed to encounter a real ghost like Sridevi.

Look for cold places

Paranormal believers all around the world believe that cold places are the perfect spots where ghosts can be located. If you want to encounter with a real ghost, look for the unusually cold places in your home, and sometimes, you may find an unknown soul which will surely send chills through your spine.

Try an Ouija board

Parade of Skeletons
A woman dressed up as "Catrina" takes part in a parade. Reuters

Ouija board is undoubtedly the best tool which can be used to call a ghost. Many people who have practiced Ouija board have tasted success, but some others claim that it is the game of our mind which makes us feel that a ghost has arrived. It should be always noted that Ouija board is not the cup of tea for the weak hearted, as it may sometimes fetch undesired results.

Visit haunted places

Haunted places like cemeteries are the hottest destinations where there is a possibility of seeing ghosts. You can also try visiting haunted buildings, murder spots, and other creepy areas to explore ghostly beings. Sometimes, you may not be able to see these ghosts with your visible eyes, but you can use your third eye to the subconscious mind to see the invisible ghosts.

You can also provocate a ghost to make it come to real life. For example, go to a cemetery and look in between your legs, an act of disrespect towards souls. It will surely provocate the souls, and you may get a chance to encounter one.

Notice your pets

A stray dog is seen at Territorio de Zaguates or 'Land of the Strays' dog sanctuary in Carrizal de Alajuela, Costa Rica, April 20, 2016. In a lush, sprawling corner of Costa Rica, hundreds of dogs roam freely on a hillside - among the luckiest strays on e

The visual capacity of pets like dogs and cats are stronger than humans. Sometimes, you might notice dogs barking without any reason, staring at a distance. Though we might not see anything unusual, the dog might have seen something weird which is compelling them to bark. If you see such a behavior from pets, understand that there is a possibility of some paranormal being there. If you have courage, you should definitely check out the place.

Believe in yourself

Parade of Skeletons
Women dressed up as "Catrina" take part in a parade. Reuters

Before starting your ghost hunt, you should first believe in yourself and should prepare your mind in such a way that a ghost encounter will happen soon. In this Halloween, believe in your mind and start your hunt and in all probabilities, you will witness a real spirit.