Indian-American Woman Hiker Jetal Agnihotri Missing After Being Swept Away in Zion National Park Flash Flood

An Indian American hiker has gone missing after being swept away in a flash flood in Utah. Search is underway for the woman hiker who went missing during a flash flood in Utah's Zion National Park.

Park spokesman Jonathan Shafer said the search for Jetal Agnihotri, 29, has been extended. She was with a group of hikers when they were swept away. Parks Service Rangers were able to save several hikers. However, their operation to save her has not succeeded.

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Rangers learnt of Agnihotri being missing and searched for her to no avail in the area and in the Virgin River.

While the search continued on Monday, Shafer said that "the Washington County Sheriff Office's Swift Water Team investigated fast-flowing and deep areas of the Virgin River, dog handlers investigated vegetation and log-jams, and the Zion National Park Search and Rescue Team continued its search in and near the Virgin River".

Family Hopes She Would be Found

CBS network affiliate station KUTV reported that Agnihotri's family arrived in Utah and Texas and are holding on to hope she would be found.

Her brother Pujan Agnihotri, told the station that his sister had been hiking with friends in the park but decided to leave the group to explore another part.

Jetal Agnihotri is a PhD student at the University of Arizona studying hydrology and atmospheric sciences, KGUN TV reported.

Heavy rain has been ravaging areas of the US, mainly in southern part, after a very dry spell.

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Dallas recorded 23.3 cm of rain during a 24-hour period ending on Monday afternoon that submerged cars in parts of the city, flooded houses and led to the cancellation or delay of hundreds of flights at the local airports.

In Arizona, a levee at the Gila river broke on Monday flooding a town leading to evacuations after heavy downpour last week had damaged roads around Tuscon resulting in closures.

Earlier this month, Las Vegas was hit by flash floods along its famed strip that left two people dead and casinos flooded.