India Votes Against UN Adopting Islamophobia Day; Draws Mixed Response on Social Media

India categorically voted against a UN General Assembly draft resolution to declare March 15 as the International Day to Combat Islamophobia.

Initiated by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) the resolution was backed by various countries including Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Kuwait, Turkmenistan, Egypt and China.

United Nations.
United Nations. IANS

UN Should Refrain from Taking Sides Based on Religion

Indian ambassador to UN T S Tirumurti categorically stated that UN is above the religious divides and preferences, hence resolutions on phobias will lead to the division of UN on the basis of religion.

At the same time Tirumurti also voiced his concern over the occurrences wherein various other religious communities like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jews, Sikhs have been oppressed and victimized for their belief.

As reported in The Economic Times, Tirumurti stated, "These contemporary forms of religiophobia can be witnessed in the increase in attacks on religious places of worship like gurudwaras, monasteries, temples etc or in spreading of hatred and disinformation against non-Abrahamic religions in many countries. Examples abound. The destruction of Bamyan Buddha, violation of gurudwara premises, massacre of Sikh pilgrims in gurudwara, attack on temples, glorification of breaking of idols in temples etc contribute to the rise of contemporary forms of religiophobia against non-Abrahamic religions," he asserted.

Social Media Reacts

However, there is a mixed response among the Social media users as some users are appreciating India's stand whereas there are many users who have termed the stand taken by Indian envoy to UN as "hypocritic".

A Twitter user writes, "See whose talking about #Islamophobia ? @UNHumanRightsPakistan govt doesn't know the meaning of SECULARISM thats why they had written Anti India propaganda and hatred in their constitution. Why Pakistan is NON SECULAR - Islamic country ? Who r Radicals and Communal ? @ANI

Another Twitter user says, "Today is a very strange day, the same men who violate Islam in every way and comment on every passing by woman vulgarly are now sharing pictures of Indian Muslimahs who took a stand against Islamophobia. Double standards."