India seeks Malaysia's help to de-radicalise Islamic education system

Indian PM Narendra Modi wants to learn from Malaysia how to mordanise Islamic education system

In the wake of constant threats of terror attack in the country from the IS, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his keen interest in learning from Malaysia how to mordanise Islamic education system and prevent radicalisation of youth.

Last week, during Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's Delhi visit PM Modi himself interacted with the delegates and sought Malaysia's help to de-radicalise the country's youth, said sources.

The deputy pm along with other delegates visited India's capital city to strengthen its counter-terror partnership with the country.

Delhi is likely to send deputies to Kual Lampur in the upcoming months to learn about the country's steps to modernise religious studies.

According to reports, the teams will include officials not only from the Indian security agencies, but also from Ministry of Human Resource Development and Ministry of Minority Affairs. Minority organisations' experts and representatives are likely to join the team and interact with their Malaysian counterparts.

India is facing severe security threats as ISIS is recruiting young people, especially from the southern part of the country.

However, for the past few years, the Malaysian government has been running effective programmes to prevent radicalisation of youths and counter recruiting attempts by international terror organisations.

During the visit, PM Modi also suggested Zahid Hamidi that Kuala Lumpur might consider hosting an international conference on improving religious education so that Malaysia's experience could benefit other nations, including India.

Meanwhile, according to sources, Malaysia may plan exchange program for Islamic clerics and other religious teachers with India.

Earlier this month, ISIS carried out a deadly terror attack on Bangladesh where at least 20 people were killed in cold blood. In several occasions, the Islamic terror group has claimed that India will be its next target.