India seeks info from Singapore on IS recruiter

National Investigation Agency believes that a Singapore citizen is responsible for motivating and recruiting Indian citizens to the IS

Islamic State leader in Afghanistan and Pakistan killed in US strike
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The National Investigation Agency of India has asked Singapore to provide details of a 39-year-old man who is believed to be the kingpin behind motivating and recruiting Indian citizens to the Islamic State. The accused, identified as Haja Fakkurudeen, is a Singapore citizen who has Indian family roots in Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu.

The National Investigation Agency has sent a letter to Singapore under the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty for information requesting more details on Haja. The Agency has also asked the Interpol to issue a Red Notice against the accused.

Haja Fakkurudeen: The IS recruiter

According to the NIA, Haja Fakkurudeen moved to Syria in 2014 with his family, and from then, he has been busy recruiting Indian citizens to the world's most dreaded terrorist organization. During the investigation, the investigation officers had come across the name of Haja many times, and finally, they have figured out that he is a Singapore citizen with Indian origin.

It was on September 21 that the NIA first stumbled upon the name of Haja Fakkurudeen after they nabbed two IS terrorists, Abdullah Muthalif and Shakul Hameed. After the interrogation, officials came to know that they were motivated and recruited by a person named Haja.

Shakul Hameed was recruited by Haja to the IS in 2015 and he was deported from the Turkey airport while trying to enter Syria.

During the time of questioning, Abdullah Muthalif has reportedly revealed that Fakkurudeen used to visit Tamil Nadu regularly for recruiting people to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Abdullah also told the NIA that he has requested Fakkurudeen many times not to visit Syria.