An Indian man stabbed to death 14 members of his own family before hanging himself, police said on Sunday.

The grizzliest massacre in India in recent years took place in the city of Thane in the western state of Gujarat.

Thirty five year-old Hasnin Warekar's victims included his parents, wife, sisters and their children. As many as seven of his victims were children, while six were women.

Warekar, 35, used a sharp weapon to slit the throats of the victims after sedating them, police said.

He was later found hanging with a knife in his hand.

"The man hung himself after killing 14 members of his family. Reason (behind killings) is not known yet," Ashutosh Dumre, joint commissioner of police, Thane, said, according to the Times of India.

Dumbre said Warekar bolted all the doors of the house and murdered his family while they were asleep. The extended family had gathered at the house for a dinner on Saturday.

The slaughter took place in the early horse of Sunday when the victims were all asleep.

"He used a big knife. He killed his parents, his sisters and his sisters' children. He slit their throats," Mumbai police spokesman Gajanan Kabdule added.