Imported coronavirus? Half of China's new infection reports linked to one international flight

  • A fight from Russia to Shanghai has brought Chinese nationals back to their homeland

  • On Sunday, Russia reported the number of new coronavirus cases increased by 31 percent overnight

China has reported a rise in imported Coronavirus cases in the past few weeks which could be devastating if the country fails to take the required action. Chinese authorities reported these imported COVID-19 cases on Saturday, while over half of these cases came from a Russian flight to Shanghai on Friday, April 10.

As per the Municipal Health Commission of Shanghai, 51 out of 52 imported COVID-19 cases on Saturday were of Chinese nationals, diagnosed with the Coronavirus after they landed in the Asian country. As per the reports, the travelers accounted for over half of 97 imported infections China revealed on Sunday morning.

Flight from Russia to China

There are 92 people on the flight from Russia that landed in Shanghai. As per the local authorities, they have tracked all the passengers and quarantined them. However, Chinese authorities have not revealed what these people were doing in Russia, which reported 15,770 Coronavirus cases as of now.

It should be noted that Russia turned out a new source of imported COVID-19 cases for China, which is currently worried about the incoming cases from abroad. Not only via flights, but now the imported infection cases are also finding their ways to China via land and Heilongjiang province became the new battleground to fight against the virus in the country.

China flight
Airline service (Representational picture) Pixabay

Meanwhile, Russia has tightened the lockdown in its capital as the Coronavirus situation became worse in the country. On Sunday Russia reported the number of new coronavirus cases increased by 31 percent overnight. As per the reports, 24 deaths related to COVID-19 were reported, double the count in the previous period and bringing Russia's total to 130.

While China is facing a surge in imported COVID-19 cases, there are some other countries which are also facing the same issue as the governments bring civilians from abroad to protect them from the outbreak in those nations. However, since China has noticed a rise in COVID-19 cases along its northern border with Russia, the country's national health commission reported 108 new infections, the highest number in more than five weeks.

Suifenhe, a small city in the China-Russia border, was one of the routes for people to return to China from Russia after Kremlin stopped all flights and closed its land border to incoming traffic in late January and early February. But the details about the flight from Russia to Shanghai have not been revealed yet.

Coronavirus crisis

The global number of confirmed cases has passed 1.85 million. But in Europe, the current epicentre of the outbreak, two hard-hit countries Italy and France are still following lockdown measures though authorities reported a drop in deaths in the past 24 hours.

There are some Spanish companies which will resume operations on Monday, at the end of a two-week halt to all non-essential activity as the death toll in the country has fallen over recent days, except last Sunday, when authorities recorded a small rise in deaths.

The Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez said "We are all keen to go back out on the streets ... but our desire is even greater to win the war and prevent a relapse," adding that "General confinement will remain the rule for the next two weeks and the only people allowed out will be those going to authorised jobs or making authorised purchases."

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