The Importance of Having a Good Skin and Eye Care Routine for the Fall


As the weather transitions from summer to fall, it's important to remember that one's skin care needs can also change. The environment is a huge contributor to how one's skin looks and feels, and there are slight additions one can make to have their skin ready for these colder months. Although people might want to do less in the summer, the winter is all about layering it on.

Curating a skincare routine should accomplish two things- it should be practical and proven to work. One can certainly have an elaborate 10+ products in their daily routine, but some of the products might not be effective or even address the concerns that they might have. This is why it's important only to include the products that are essential to one's routine.

So, a perfect routine would cleanse the skin properly and hydrate it. If there's any sunscreen or makeup on the skin, it's always a good idea to do a double-cleanse method. The first oil-based cleanser will melt off the makeup, and the second cleanser will get rid of any product left over from the first cleanse. This ensures that there is a completely clean base to work with. As you can imagine, if someone doesn't cleanse their skin properly, everything else they do afterwards will simply not be as effective. Next, it's time to hydrate the face using the three-step method. The first layer of moisture will come from an essence, which usually has a light consistency making it easy to absorb. The second layer, which is also an essential step, will be from an eye mask providing direct hydration to the under-eye area.

The Eastsuperstar oxygen Eye patch is an effective product for this second layer. This eye patch includes a special ingredient, Ganoderma Lucidum, which has been proven to delay signs of aging. It also helps with eyebags and reduces any dark circles that might be present in the under-eye area. This product can be extremely helpful either at the end of a long work day or in the morning when a pair of puffy eyes are usually experienced.

The third step of hydration is the final layer of moisturizer. It's best to use a heavier cream here with lots of ceramides, which will help lock in the moisture and keep the skin barrier looking healthy. Once the double-cleanse and the three steps of hydration are done, the skin barrier will be able to handle any harsh weather conditions it may face outside.

Now, three separate products for hydration may sound excessive to some, but this is a good amount of products to have for the colder months ahead. The essence helps provide the first layer of moisture back into the skin, the eye patch provides that extra hydration to the most important area of the face, and the final moisturizer just helps seal everything in!

In any routine, whether skincare or makeup, it's always important to pay extra attention to the eyes since it's the first thing people see. If someone's eyes are swollen or if they have heavy eye bags, it can undoubtedly drag their entire face down and make them look more tired than they actually are.

Although it can be tempting to skip skincare at times, doing it consistently day in and day out will give the best possible results. People should treat this time as self-care when they can truly relax and pamper themselves. They can even leave the eye patch on while doing their chores or making breakfast. This way, they can get the most hydration out of the patches, which helps their under-eye area look as refreshed as possible. Eastsuperstar oxygen eye patch is especially good for use during the fall since it directly targets any dullness or dryness caused by the change in weather. This product will provide the results with the active ingredients your skin needs this cool season, tackling any skincare concerns you will have down the road.

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