Impact Investor Jonathan Tjoa Algreen on Purpose, Profit, and Giving Back to the World

Jonathan Tjoa Algreen

In the current world scenario, which is on the brink of an unfathomable disaster and humanitarian crisis, there is a dire need to find new solutions to the existing issues of global poverty and climate change. Individuals and businesses are required to bring sweeping changes to not just reap monetary rewards but also build a lasting impact on the planet and quality of life for humans.

COVID-19 and the disastrous events of climate change have woken up many sleeping giants recently, but people with sharp foresight like Jonathan Tjoa Algreen have been on the right path from the start.

Purpose, Vision, and Profit

Founder and CEO of 1 People and impact investor Jonathan believes in business models that are simply thriving by doing good. He says, "My vision is to use business in a direct way as a force for good. I hope more businesses will have an approach that puts people and the planet first. I do my part by implementing a strong socially responsible and sustainable approach in my businesses."

An alumnus of both Aalborg and Roskilde University, Denmark, Jonathan graduated in Public Management in 2008. Throughout his journey, he has built and managed many different businesses but currently focuses entirely on a Danish sustainable luxury fashion brand, 1 People, and the Impact Business Investment Group (IBIG). The latter is an investment group that seeks to educate, empower and fund entrepreneurs of tomorrow. While describing his goals for his companies Jonathan reveals, "The end goal for both companies is to eradicate poverty. I strongly believe businesses can and must take a bigger responsibility when it comes to society, people, and the planet. And I believe business can be a very strong tool to make the world a better place."

Talking about his life's purpose, Jonathan further shares that he aspires to use his business to create a better life for people involved in the production and the community in general. This is the sole reason that he participates in building impact-driven businesses rather than entirely profit-driven ones. In his words, "This is my specialty and expertise even though the foundation is entrepreneurship and business development, which is the same whether your business is traditional focused or focused making a positive impact in the world as well."

Giving back to the world

According to Jonathan, by handling today's crisis well and with forethought, we can lay the groundwork for not just the preservation of civilization, but tomorrow's sustainable economic growth and wellbeing for our planet and planetarians.

Jonathan plays a notable part in philanthropy through Business for Planet, which is a free education platform in social entrepreneurship. It provides stellar services in business mentoring and potential investment opportunities to impact-driven startups.

Today, Jonathan is continuing to revolutionize business trends by addressing social issues while also serving people with high-end, sustainable products. His contributions to the impact-business landscape are truly noteworthy and commendable.