The popularity of Girls' Generation member Im Yoona is soaring past all records in the Chinese entertainment industry. In order to gratify her fans for the love and support, the 25-year-old is holding solo fan meets around China.

On June 25, the actress took off with her debut fan tour from the Chinese capital Beijing. Yoona will be moving ahead onto Guangzhou on July 2, Chongqing on July 24, and Shanghai on July 30 for rest of her solo fan meeting tour.

Yoona, who rose to fame with her highly applauded lead role as Zhao Yun, on Hunan TV's God Of War, left a compelling impressions on the hearts of her fans with her elegance and love for Chinese language on her very first meet and greet session. The actress was seen showcasing her Chinese language skills with avid interest and confidence. Yoona did not use any translator, and mesmerized fans by voicing some of the well known Chinese songs.

Reportedly, many of Yoons's fans were left pleasantly surprised, and encouraged the songstress by applauding her language skills.