I'm sorry, I love you - 3 times WWE messed up WrestleMania main events

WrestleMania YouTube grab

WrestleMania is now only a week away and there is no better time for a wrestling fan than this. Like-minded fans from across the globe unite on WrestleMania weekend to enjoy the show WWE puts up for them. Starting from Axxess and NXT to WrestleMania itself and the RAW after the 'show of shows', WWE organizes an unforgettable experience for its fans.

But WWE is not averse to mistakes as, over the years, they have messed up a few WrestleMania main events. For every Daniel Bryan moment, there has been one that has left the fans disappointed.

Here are three times WWE chose the wrong match to end the show.

WrestleMania 24

"I'm sorry, I love you" – these words still ring clear in the ears of every wrestling fan. As a teary-eyed Ric Flair urges his apprentice to hit him with one final shot to end his career, Shawn Michaels utters these words. And five seconds later, Michaels kisses the forehead of his master's fallen body as Flair stares into the heaven visualising his glorious career which was now over. It was a moment that made even the most stoic person shed tears.

But WWE did not put this up as the main event of the show. Instead, Edge wrestled the Undertaker. That match did not do much wrong but the very fact that it had to follow the unscripted emotion of the Flair-Michaels match, made it seem very pale in comparison.

WrestleMania 27

John Cena took on The Miz to close the show when the card had Undertaker wrestling Triple H in a no holds barred match sounds perplexing even on paper. In eventuality, it was even more so as the two veterans stole the show in their match that lasted over 30 minutes. The match ended with Undertaker taking his streak to 19 wins unchallenged but failed to walk out on his own, such was the punishment he had endured.

In comparison, Cena vs Miz did not have a proper ending and was only a prop to introduced Rock in order to set up his WrestleMania 28 main event with Cena.

WrestleMania 29

CM Punk was the longest reigning WWE champion when Rock returned and dethroned the straight-edged superstar at Royal Rumble. John Cena won the Royal Rumble match and Rock vs Cena 2.0 was set in stone to main event the second successive WrestleMania. The two had a good match in the previous edition of the pay-per-view and the build-up had a lot of genuine animosity between the two wrestlers. But the second iteration of their bout failed to come any close to their first match and served no purpose as the first match was advertised as "Once in a Lifetime."

On the other hand, Punk was suddenly reduced from the most decorated modern-day WWE champion to an afterthought. It did not help that his match with Undertaker had a wonderful build up where Punk really pushed the envelope with some sensitive issues. Punk was at his peak in terms of ability in the ring and wrestling psychology and along with Paul Heyman brought the best out Undertaker who, at that stage in his career, was putting on fantastic wrestling matches. To top it all, Punk vs Undertaker was easily the best match of the night.